Thursday, March 15, 2007

SXSW - Day 4 - Waiting for the 7:18

Ahh, what a day! My feet are absolutely killing me. I did learn one important thing about being British today, however. Apparently, the only words you are allowed to say are "sodding", "fucking", and "cunt", or their variations. I learned this from my British friends who stood next to me during the Bloc Party concert, in between them getting beers and asking me where to score coke in Austin.

Anyway, you're probably wondering how this works. Well, I'm a pretty good translator, so I'll help you out.

British English: Sodding cunt!
American English: Can you please direct me to the bathroom?

British English: Cunt, fucking sod of a cunt fucker!
American English: Hello sir, do you have two tens for a twenty?

British English: Sod off, you fucking cunt!
American English: Allow me to introduce myself.

British English: Do you know where we can score some coke?
American English: I am a complete moron.

Now that you know how to speak like a Briton, you can go to the far corners of the UK and still feel comfortable speaking with people.

On to the bands, again ordered by their increasing awesomeness:

Twilight Sad
Seems like something I would listen to, but their sound was just horrible. They played in a tiny place called the Red Scoot Inn, and they had no PA; essentially, their sound was that of a band practice. Loud, noisy, and basically intolerable.

I have heard of this band many a time, and I think I will pick up some tracks by them. The singer has a very nice voice; I was impressed.

The Dears
They would appear higher on this list if it weren't for the bands that come afterward. They were absolutely amazing and somewhat comical. For instance, the singer is a black man, as is the singer for Bloc Party. Shortly before finishing their set, the singer told the crowd to stick around for Bloc Party, so that "[you] can see why you should stop asking me to sign [your] Bloc Party CD." Brilliant!

The Cinematics
I have heard one of their records once, and that was on the drive to Austin. That didn't detract from the fact that they were absolutely stunning. I will be seeing them again in Des Moines in a couple weeks.

Again at the Red Scoot Inn, but this band was outside, meaning they had a PA and a decent sound, but still too crazy. Since everyone in the band had in-ear monitors, they turned the monitor speakers around to face the audience, which is not the greatest thing in the world if you're standing right in front of them. The singer looked extremely worried, but apparently that's his thing. I'm seeing them again in a few days, so hopefully they will sound a little better.

St. Vincent
I love her brand of songwriting so much, and haven't been able to get her music out of my head since I saw her open for Midlake a couple of months ago. She was playing a short set at the SESAC day stage, so she only got to play about 4 or 5 songs. I talked to her afterward, complimenting her performance and finding out that her record is coming out in June! I'm really excited for that. I'll be seeing her again tomorrow.

Bloc Party
Absolutely the highlight of the evening, hands down. I've been into this band for about 2 years now, so this show was a long time coming. I can't believe how energetic their show was. The lead guitarist is basically a madman, and I'm not quite sure how someone like that exists. The only downside was that Kele fucked up the lyrics to the opening song, "Song for Clay (Disappear Here)", which is my favorite song in the world. It didn't detract much from an otherwise stellar show that ended with Kele climbing the speakers to incite the audience to go nuts.

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