Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SXSW - Day 2 - Who'll Stop the Rain?

After a 6 hour drive, we arrived in Austin right in the middle of a torrential downpour. Essentially, this kind of put a damper on arriving in the music capital of the world, but hey, I can deal with it.

We parked and walked to go eat, getting soaked in the process. Hey, I'm thinking I can deal with it. It's not that bad.

The plan was to drive an hour and a half to arrive in San Antonio to go see The Presets at a joint called the White Rabbit. After braving the storm and getting to San Antonio safely, we find the venue; and it's in a really crappy neighborhood. It looks like the type of place that metal bands with crappy names like "Mushroomhead" would play.

I look at the marquee, and, uh, I saw "Mushroomhead" played there on March 9th.

After walking around the building a couple of times, we can't find a way in. Everything's locked up, but we can hear music going on inside. We decide to get a couple of drinks at a sports bar across the street where they only play Kid Rock songs. Sufficiently annoyed, we walk back across the street and see a couple of other people waiting around the venue, and we ask them if they have any info. They don't, but at least they're there to see The Presets.

One of the guys decides to go across the street to a different bar (not the Kid Rock Saloon) and inquires. He comes back with the news that the show is cancelled, and a quick call to my brother confirms this information. The show was cancelled due to "severe weather warnings." Christ, it was raining, but it wasn't like it was Har Megiddo type rain. Leave it to a place that usually has beautiful weather to cancel something due to a heavy rain. Jerks.

What a way to start the week, eh? It doesn't look like we're going to be able to fit The Presets into our SXSW schedule either, so this was a huge blow to the fun we were expecting to have last night. We wandered around 6th street once we were back in Austin until we got bored and just got drunk in a hotel (not even our own) bar.

Today is supposed to be sweet. With any luck, the entire SXSW festival will be cancelled; I can only hope.

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Mew! Hopefully no act of god will keep you from seeing them.
yo--do you at least get a refund?

(no kid yet...)
Jack - Saw them today, will blog about it later. Seeing them again on Saturday.

Logician - No refund, ticket sales were at the door; i.e., I never paid a dime to anyone for the show, unless you count the oil companies, since I had to purchase more gas to drive to San Antonio.
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