Monday, May 01, 2006

Security devices? More like "render your product disgusting" devices.

I am so fucking sick of Best Buy.

I really love the fact that things are cheaper there than pretty much anywhere else, especially on release day. However, their love affair with "Security Devices" is start to grate on me like a cheese grater thats grating on a block of ungrated parmesean.

What is the logic behind putting so many stickers and shit all over your products? Sure, I could understand you doing this if they came off fairly readily, but this is ridiculous. I can never get these things off with any sort of regularity, and I always end up with a CD/DVD case that is rendered completely unusable due to the amount of sludge all over the top, bottom, and side of the case. It's entirely possible that I am just the most inept creature in the universe when it comes to this type of thing, but come on. Help me out here.

I was even going to shell out the 20 dollars or whatever it costs to buy 10 DVD cases to replace all the ones that have been ruined in this fashion, but they weren't even selling DVD cases proper.

Seriously, what the hell are you doing? You're ruining my life. If you keep this up, I'm just going to order everything off of Amazon from now on. You don't want to lose out to a vendor that's named after some has-been region in South A-fucking-merica, do you? Didn't think so. Get your act together, man.

In addition to this horrible experience, my digital camera just decided to stop working. I was going to go to Best Buy and buy the exact model that I have, put my broken one in the box, and return it, basically to get a camera for free, and to stick it to the man. However, they weren't selling my model, so that means I couldn't perform this awesome act of fraud.

One more straw and this camel's back is going to break.

This really sucks, man. I would sue them to give you free DVD/CD cases. By the way, do you still not spend more than 50 bucks per month in BestBuy?

have you heard of the website

they pull funny pranks and do weird things. they sent 80 people dressed similar to best buy employees into one in NY and had them stand there and answer questions when people approached them.

they also take their pants off on the subway, i guess.

c-to the hessy
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