Sunday, April 23, 2006

Everybody loves you, baby. Of course they do.

Do you miss me? I miss you.

So I could totally write an entry about how really hot electroclash scene chicks totally love dancing with me and slithering all around my body, but that might just be boring. I mean, no one wants to hear about how two different girls couldn't keep their hands off of my midsection, right? Anyway.

Oh, plus I saw Ladytron last night, so that's probably where I found out this fact about hipster girls.

Instead, I need to vent about smokers. I am a smoker. I am the poster child for the smoking community. I want to lead my people to the promised land, but I can't do it when we're treating each other like dogs. Come on, people.

I was outside smoking a couple days ago, talking on the phone. Some random undergrad student (who looked like a complete failure at life) comes up to me. He then proceeds to interrupt my phone conversation with a "Hey, can I buy a cigarette from you?"

How fucking rude.

I reply, "I'm on the phone, man." He then gets really perturbed and gives me a sarcastic "sorry," at which I'm really fucking pissed. I grab out my pack of cigs, pull one out, and give it to him. He offers me a dollar (seriously, go buy a pack of cigarettes if you're going to give a stranger an entire dollar for just one). I told him I didn't want his money, and he looks even more put off, like he's done something wrong.

Here's the great thing. Before he can use that dollar to buy himself some manners, a gust of wind takes the dollar out of his hand and starts blowing away down the street. It was awesome.

This was some serious smoker-on-smoker crime here, people. We can't have this if we're going to get our society to recognize us as full citizens.


i miss smoking.

one of the big reasons i stopped is because i'm poor, but also because i started having pseudo-asthma attacks, so i figured i should lay low for awhile.

rest assured i will be smoking at any bar that allows it once i turn 21.
Yes. At the very least we need to ban together. There are a lot of people out there that are so adamantly opposed to smokers and their rights that we need to do something about it. That is all for now.
We definitly need to do something about it. Even Germany is getting crazy now. Not only that my universtiy banned smoking indoors recently, now they are thinking about not allowing smoking on the whole campus area. But as long as some smokers are such idiots like this one and we don't stand together, we can't do anything about it. So smokers of the world unite yourself!

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