Monday, March 27, 2006

You should ask Meg, she probably knows.

Today was the big day; my first photo shoot as a model. Unfortunately, I was sent to Des Moines this past weekend to pick up some wicked awesome clothes, and when I got there, no one knew what the hell I was talking about. I got a little freaked, afraid that all the stylists would be angry at me for not doing what they wanted me to do, so I decided to show up about 2 hours early, in hopes that someone else would show up early to set up, I could tell them the situation, and we would figure out a solution.

When someone finally showed up, I ended up being completely fine. She called my two stylists who said, "Oh yeah, we got him some clothes. No worries." Thanks for making me drive to DSM, jerks.

I'm not bitter though. I got to get free makeup applied, hung out with some hot hot hot hot hot women models, and got some sweet pictures taken (possibly forthcoming, we'll see). All in all, it was a pretty great experience, and I want to pursue this line of work to the ends of the earth. Of course, that means I'll either have to put on about 100 pounds of muscle, or stop eating for 3 months. The latter sounds much easier (hell, it means that I have to do almost nothing), but for now, I'll stick with the mathematics thing. It seems to be going alright.

After that, I got to come back to logical-thinking land and see a semi-famous mathematician speak about graph theory, then went out to eat with a couple of idiots I know here. It was fairly good.

Let's stop for a moment to digress. You're probably wondering to yourself, "Why the hell do I read this stupid blog anyway?" Duly noted. The story continues.

On my way to dinner, I saw a flyer for a band playing at the local shithole here, a band named "Meg & Dia." I didn't know who they were, but the tickets were only 7 dollars. I promised myself that if I worked hard enough and got done with everything before 9 (even though the doors opened at 8), I would head over and enjoy some indie rock played by the poor man's Tegan & Sara.

I did get done. I did head over. Holy shit.

This band is freakin' ridiculously good. I was so blown away that my lips are still windburnt. Seriously, why would I joke about something like that? I checked out their official website and listened to some of their recorded tracks, but man, they are so not even as cool as they are live. It's so cliched to say that, but hey; it's actually true in this case.

After the show, I went up to the merch table, where I had an exchange with Dia, the singer:

Dia: Hi! [this was said in the cutest voice you have ever heard.]
Me: Hi. I should buy something...
Dia: Yes, you definitely should.
Me: Do you have any CDs?
Dia: Well, our CD is coming out in June, I think...I don't really know though. You should ask Meg, she probably knows.
Me: I'll just get one of these shirts [of which there were six]. Which do you suggest? [she points out three that fit really well, but the other 3 "look really good on guys." I'm not kidding, she really said this. I proceed to melt.]
Dia: So which will it be?

I chose a shirt, bought it, and instantly went back to my office wondering whether the entire thing I just experienced was a dream. God, I love live music.

Check them out, be disappointed, then see them live, and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you thought they sucked.

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