Sunday, February 12, 2006

Whatever happened to Tom, Dick and Harry?

There is something I have been really annoyed with lately, and if you read this wrong, you'll get the wrong impression, and you'll think I hate someone for something they had no control over (which is true, I do, but this isn't the thing, so don't get it wrong).


Some people have very strange names. I'm not talking about Muhammad al-Jihadjazeera, the guy who sits across from you in your sociology class, I'm talking about Tyson, the hipster girl who probably gets around. I'm talking about the fucking girl named Tristan. Seriously, who names a girl Tristan? I'm talking about Karleah (that's pronounced "car-lee," by the way), the anorexic chick who you tried to date once, but she ended up spending a week in the hospital for starvation reasons.

I'm talking about names like these. I have nothing against the people who actually have these names. I'm sure that Tyson and Karleah are perfectly cool to have around all of the time, by the way. So what am I complaining about?

The people who know people with wacky names. These people think that it totally raises their cool point value just because they know someone with a name like the above ones. I can just hear it now...

...oh my god, like me and Tegan last night were totally wasted, and we decided to go over to Peytra's house and crack open another bottle of Apple Pucker! It was so crazy, cuz then after that Jaden came over, right? And he and Tegan are like having problems I guess cuz he totally slept with her best friend Madison...

It's like I'm living in the goddamned "O.C." over here.

Finally, you're back, I totally missed someone who gets steamed up about such things like weird names. By the way, some clever countries have laws to avoid names like Tegan.

Glad to see that that one guy who lives in that clever country still reads the blog.
Hey, dude. You forgot to mention Xanthia.
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