Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm the coolest person you know.

Last night, Lennon Murphy (official website) was playing here in Ames. I had my ticket, naturally, and I was contemplating not going because I had a lot of work to do. However, I convinced myself that I should go because I promised this girl here in Ames that I would, and if she showed up and I didn't, I would imagine that she'd feel a bit put off.

When I got there, she wasn't there, which was fine. However, it was just another reason for me to think "Man, I'm such a fool. I have so much work to do, and I'm going to concerts instead." It didn't help that the crowd was all there to see the headlining act (some girl named Shannon Curfman) and they were all over 40. What helped even less is that Burnout MacDrunkenstein decided to sit right next to me and talk my ear off while I ignored him.

Anyway, Lennon took the stage and it was a really stripped down show -- just her and and a piano. That's the version of Lennon I wanted to see, so that was good at the outset. After about 3 songs, here's what happened:

Lennon: Okay, that does it for my setlist. I was thinking of just taking requests right now.
Random Dude: Play "Goatfucker!"
Lennon: [laughs] You might laugh, but I actually do have a song called "Property of Goatfucker." Sorry, that's the only song of mine that I never arranged for piano.
Me: Play "Brake of Your Car!"
Lennon: I'm sorry! I can't do that one either, because it's really hard to sing and I have a cold and stuff...maybe later?
Me: That's okay.
Lennon: Alright, I'll pick a song.

So she played a couple of songs. At this point, we must note that she has an affinity for wonton soup.

Lennon: Any other requests?
Me: I'll buy you some wonton soup if you play "Brake."
Lennon: [laughing] Are you serious? Are we getting into bribery now?
Me: Yes!
Lennon: Fine! [plays for about five seconds, and stops.] Seriously though...really?
Me: Most definitely!
Lennon: Fuck it, fine!

She played the song and it was amazing. I loved it. Afterwards...

Lennon: How about instead of some wonton soup, you just buy me some beers and some merch?
Me: Right on, I can do that!

After her set, we went outside and chainsmoked for like an hour, totally ignoring the headliner. We were talking about all sorts of stuff, and there were a couple other people around, but she was really quite personable. Topics ranged everywhere from House M.D. (she's excited to have today off so that she can watch House tonight) to American Idol (she would love to take Simon's place on that show) to longboarding down hills when she's drunk. She's so funny, cute, and talented. I love this woman, I'm thinking.

While standing outside, she also says:

Lennon: It was really good actually that you got me to play "Brake." I had this cough in my throat that I couldn't get out, but it came out during that song...so I guess I owe something to the idiot who made me play it.
Random dude: [to me] Dude, I think Lennon just called you an idiot.
Me: See, that's what you think, isn't it? What you know is that she secretly loves me.
Lennon: That's true, I do.

So we hung out the rest of the night drinking and smoking, and it was amazing. When I finally made my way to the merch table after the show, here's the exchange:

Me: I'll take that hoodie over there.
Lennon: What size?
Me: Well, how do the sizes run?
Lennon: I wear a medium, so...
Me: I'll take a medium then.
Lennon: You should get one of these posters too!
Me: Nah, I don't want a poster.
Lennon: What? Why not?
Me: I'll only take it if you sign it to "the idiot who made me play 'Brake of Your Car.'"
Lennon: [laughing] Okay!

She signed it to the wonderful idiot who made her play "Brake of Your Car."

Needless to say, I had a smile on my face that I couldn't get rid of for like 5 hours. Last night was the best night of my life, and it makes me cooler than everyone else who ever existed on this planet. Be jealous, everyone.

i'm totally fucking jealous. that's awesome!@$#^!$^!$^ they're coming here soon. eve has a CD of shannon curfman, i think.
Actually, if this is who I think it is, they played in Madison on the 25th of February, so you missed them.

If this is the other person it might be, they're playing in Minneapolis on Wednesday.
me = Definitely jealous

king_bee = Definitely lucky shane didn't come along and cramp his style

me = Definitely cooler just hearing that story. Plus, no one went to Alaska and died
you are by far the coolest person i know. geez. i feel under accomplished now...
I hope this taught you a lesson! Never prefer working to going out! Never! You could miss a night like this.

Hanging out with pianist is cool and all, but until you can accurately determine the number of letters in Hungarian words, I reign superior in awesomenessity.
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Jeez Tim, that was obviously Doug, and he was obviously talking about Szemeredi. Get with the program.
Ah yes. These are all things my mind should have known. But I was on a blog kick last night. Maybe that wasn't the best time to make a lot of random posts in random places...
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