Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gunning for a degree in Beerology.

So it's been a while...again. It's not that things haven't been happening, it's that I'm way too lazy to do anything [read: blog] about them. However, the past couple of days have been amazing, and now that I'm really bored, I guess I'll tell you about them.

On Thursday, about 8 of the graduate students (including yours truly) decided it would be an amazing idea to play tackle football in the snow. Normally, this would be a good idea, but there are two things that make it, in this instance, a scheme that ought to be left on the scrap heap:

1. It was very cold, and as such, the snow was harder than concrete, and
2. I suck at not fumbling.

So, after getting our asses kicked all over the place, I ended up going home and taking it rather easy that night, because I had something to do the next morning. Something very important. The defining moment of my life, you could say. Something so crucial to my life on this has-been planet orbited by a cold and distant sun that to not perform it would surely result in my death.

I had to drive [read: ride] 2+ hours to go to a beer shop.

The Someday Bum and I went to the most amazing beer shop (it was actually a grocery, but fuck that, nobody would ever go there for just groceries). We were having a beer exchange party (like a Christmas cookie exchange party, but better, and with beer), and he and I wanted to have the most amazing selection out of all the people there. Together, he and I spent about 250 U.S. Treasury notes on the oldest drink known to man. Now, my refridgerator is full of nothing but delectable suds, and every time I glance inside, my heart explodes. It's so totally out of control, you really have no idea.

Since I don't have an eon and a half to tell you about every beer I have, I'll just tell you about one. It's called Samichlaus, and it's probably one of the best beers in the entire world. It's brewed only once a year (on December 6th) and you have to let it age for at least one year. I hear that this beer is best in its forty-third year. How insane is that?

Now, you'd think that since I have all this delicious beer, I'd be heading right over to the party, right?


I decided to relax for a bit after getting back from Iowa City, and I took a shower at 5:30pm. An instant after getting out, I get a phone call from a friend asking me if I still wanted to go to dinner, and that reservations were made for 6pm. I totally went from 0 to sexy in about 4.3 seconds and showed up at the restaurant where it was extremely packed and we got terrible service from some idiot that used to be one of my students. While at dinner, I was reminded that a professor here was having a party to which I was invited, and that I should probably go. I was also reminded of a party that a friend was having that night.

Oh man. After dinner, I party-hopped like a crazy bastard, having one drink everywhere I went, until I arrived at the beer exchange party (about an hour late), and basically made a fool out of myself. It was a lot of fun, and I strongly suggest everyone tries it.

The next day, I was hurting really bad due to lack of sleep and abundance of alcohol intake, so I basically sat around and cleaned the apartment. Very exciting, no?

Well, enough of that garbage. I've added a link to a blog called "Chez Logique," which I think is about French desserts like Creme Brulee with logic frosting or something. I don't know, just go read it, I'm sure it's brilliant.

This beer can't be one of the best beers in the world!It's from Austria!!! Nothing good came out of Austria, ever.

I'm sorry. I knew I would get some comment from you like that.

Nothing really can hold a candle to the beers I was getting when I was in Muenchen. That is still true.
Actually, Mars, that beer is brewed in Switzerland, so I'm still okay.
Well, actually, it was brewed in Switzerland until 1997, since 2000 it is brewed in an austrian town called Eggenberg. But yeah you are still ok. I guess it is a pretty good beer (something with 14 % alcohol has to be good)

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