Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Today was an odd day, let me tell you. However, to understand today, you must know about last night.

Yesterday was Tuesday, known to some here as "Taco Night," something I've mentioned before. After a couple of veggie tacos, a couple of Coronas, and infinite chips (with salsa), I walked home through the terrifying windiness (although not as windy as last time, since we've made advances in the War on Nature) to relax for an hour or so until it was time.

That's right, until it was time to visit "The House on the Hill." Naturally, by "visit" I mean "play," and by "The House on the Hill," I mean "the board game called 'The Betrayal at the House on the Hill'." Let me tell you, if you like games at all, you must absolutely pick this game up and get a few friends together and play it. You will likely perish in flame because it's so good. It's a lot like Clue, only a thousand times more interesting and has nearly 13,289 times as many outcomes. I could describe it, but I probably wouldn't do it justice. All you really have to know about it is that it is a game that is creepier than anything on this planet, it deserves to be played on Halloween during a thunderstorm when the power is out, and that it will leave you wanting more.

Trust me, just play it and you'll see.

After I finally got home at about 1:45 AM, I remembered that my bedroom was in complete disarray, so I had to sleep on the couch. In a complete absentminded fashion, I neglected to set an alarm. I'm pretty sure this is due to my subconscious ensuring that I would be forced to sleep in and decide to have an amazing day.

After waking up at 9:30 and realizing that I should have already been in my office at that time, I decided to just give up and call the salon to see if the lovely Amanda had any openings. She did, and after about half an hour in her most amazing care, I came out feeling like a rock star again. In order to test this newfound sex appeal, I decided to go to Best Buy and flirt it up with the cashier girl. It totally worked. I'm in love with my hair stylist, and I hope she knows how much she is appreciated.

After stopping off at a couple of shops to purchase some much needed wares, I headed over to the coffee shop where I live when I decide that my apartment is crap. I sat around there and read the lame Iowa State Daily until I got angry enough to sever the Achille's tendon on my right ankle, and decided to head to my office (for the first time of the day) at 3pm.

After putting up with students and their terrible requests for too long, I went out to dinner with the Someday Bum where we received terrible service from some really familiar looking woman named Nicole. It was pretty awkward.

I could keep talking about how awesome my day was, but I might bore you to tears. So I'll give you the highlights of the remainder of what I did during the rest of the day:

- tacitly cursed the snow/wind
- finally began cleaning my garbage pit of an apartment
- finished watching season 2 of "The L Word"
- starting writing an exam for my class tomorrow
- wrote this crap for my idiot blog

I'm thinking about doing the same thing tomorrow, but it's going to be rough, since I have 3 classes and everything. Eh, we'll see what happens.

where does one purchase said game?
Probably at any reputable board game dealing store.
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