Monday, September 05, 2005

Autumn's arrival means a fiery transformation for sugar maple trees.


Sometimes, things that don't belong to me fall into my hands. I can't control this; it is a gift from the gods above. This has happened before. However, in order to repay the powers that be for blessing me with these finds, I must offer up the sacrifice of a King Bee entry. Plus, I'm even more blessed in that this story totally continues the whole cell phone theme that I started in the previous entry.

A few days ago, I got my mail out of my mailbox. I saw that there was a postcard amidst the credit card offers and student loan consolidation pleas, and my heart jumped. "Who could be sending me a postcard?" I thought. I was really quite happy, so I started reading it, even before I got back to my apartment door.

About a sentence into it, I realized that it wasn't addressed to me. Instead, it is addressed to Tara Kempen, who apparently lives in the apartment above me. Here's what it said [I have not corrected any spelling/grammar errors, so as to leave the feeling of the note intact]:

Hey! Im in my Comp.II class and its boring. Im glad your closer to us! Hannah and I have to come down this year. I miss you tons and cant wait to see you next. I have a cell phone now and get free night and weekend minutes! This postcard is beautiful just like you! love you!


First, we have to note that Sarah signs her name by turning the negative space created by the "S" in her name into a heart. It's strange to describe, but I don't know what the law says about copying people's mail and posting it on a public website, so I thought I'd pass on scanning the card.

Naturally, after reading this, I started to wonder who this amazing Tara Kempen might be. She has friends who have cell phones with free nights and weekends. Her friends are easily bored by composition classes. Her friends quite obviously long for her company, as they apparently cant [sic] wait to see her again. Obviously, she has to be beautiful, as the image on the front of the postcard is a photo by Gary Alan Nelson, and his photographs are always pretty nature pictures. This one is of a "fiery transformation of sugar maple trees," which is apparently synonymous with "autumn's arrival." How soothing.

All that's left for me now is to bring this postcard to Tara, but of course, I'd like to see her. I've gone up to her apartment a couple of times now and knocked on the door to no avail, so I might just leave it there with a note, letting her know that there's a stud muffin living below her who thinks that her friends get bored in their composition classes because they quite clearly have trouble understanding what grammar is. Well, maybe we'll leave off that very last part.

If I do meet this woman, I'll follow up on this entry. Expect another DJ G Sounds song in the next entry.

And holy Jesus of Nazareth, everyone has to listen to Evil by Ladytron. It's the best song ever written.

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