Saturday, August 13, 2005

Le Fabuleux destin d'King Bee

crack is whack

Last night was such a treat, let me tell you. After getting back from a day at the state fair, I called up the Someday Bum to see if he wanted to play pool at around 6:30. He said he did. We went to our normal pool haunt as always, and strapped ourselves in for some insane competition. He's about 2 rungs higher on the pool ladder than I am, so my ass was pretty much kicked. However, this is not what makes the story funny/interesting/etc.

We were treated to "Pop Music that Nobody in His Right Mind Even Remembers Existed Anymore Night." Of course, by this I mean that the slow-witted hometown hillbilly boys were picking most of the music on the jukebox. Here's a small selection of some of the trash we were treated to (band, "song name" [year it came out]):

- Blues Traveler, "Run-Around" [1994]
- Sister Hazel, "All For You" [1997]
- Fuel, "Hemmorhage (In My Hands)" [2000]

There was much more, especially some garbage by OAR, or O.A.R., or oar, or however the fuck you spell the name of that shitty band. So what we're going to discuss now is the terrible nature of that Fuel song I have listed, which I always thought was called "Duvall Away," since that's what he sings in the chorus. I'm not quite sure if he's talking about Robert Duvall or Shelley Duvall, but that's mainly because I can't be arsed to look at the actual words for the song. Before the worst song in the history of mankind came out, this song was one of my most hated. And people were requesting it. Not only that, they were paying a dollar just to hear it!

Now, you'll notice that I posted the year that these songs came out. The youngest one is 5 years old, while the oldest is 11. At first glance, you'd think I'd be an "out with the old, in with the new" type of failure. This is not so. If anyone paid attention to anything at all, they'd notice that most of the bands I like are of the older variety. My CD collection doesn't contain a lot of music from bands that have hit the scene in the past year or two (although it does contain CDs that hit the market in the past year or two). Hence, we can conclude that I'm not against older music, I'm against music that everyone forgot existed because it was a goddamned flavor of the month 8 years ago by a band that couldn't sell out a 200 max-capacity venue if they planned to buy all the tickets themselves.

There was also some sort of 3 song Shinedown extravaganza. In case you don't know who Shinedown is (and you really shouldn't, they suck with the force of a black hole), they are the ones who sing that crappy song about pretending to kill yourself or something, but no one takes this band seriously because the singer sounds like an inbred hick from Hazzard county, Georgia. I didn't list them above because they haven't had enough time to fade away yet.

After wasting all of our money on pool, we headed over to a place I go to a lot, and we watched a small jazzy ensemble with a female singer. Apparently, I was the only one paying attention to the music, as I was the only one applauding after each song. However, it did get the band to notice us, and they engaged us in small talk for about 2 minutes. It was great.

While there, I came to the realization that I am doing something very wrong with myself, and I don't quite know what it is yet. I will eventually figure it out, and when I do, I am going to become something the world has never seen. Cryptic, no? Deal.

I'm reinstalling Linux today, so if I never update again, it's because my computer blew up in the midst of trying to configure my XFree86 garbage or something. Let's just hope the flavor I chose this time is a bit more palatable than Debian.

Also, the guy who just moved in above me has a penchant for stomping around very loudly quite early in the morning. I'm going to make sure he complains to the landlord about the noise I make.

I think I'm going to watch Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain later and think about the way things were once. Then I'm going to move on.

And I don't want any lip from anyone about Amelie. It's #25 on imdb, and I think that's quite an achievement.

Any idea what hemmorhage even means? I only know hemmorrhage and that is probably one of the worst names for a song I ever heard...maybe it's because you get a cerebral hemorrhage when you listen to them.
I will never say anything against Amelie again...

Yeah, the name of that song is quite fitting.

Damn right. Leave Amelie alone.
I love Sister Hazel. In fact, my first year here as a grad student, I was walking in Campus Town one night with Wenger Hoff and we spied the line outside Peoples. Upon inquiry, we found out that Sister Hazel was playing there. What a concert! It was an intimate little gig with all of their hits and some music from their new album! I like "All For You" and "Change Your Mind" and you can hear on BNR, coming soon!

--Dr Num
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