Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Drugs are nature's hugs

worse than two

The end of an era occurred yesterday/this morning, as my Nazi (read: German) friend and I had one last hurrah before he had to take one of those autogyros (not the 4:30 one) back to his Vaterland. We wrapped up our championships, and it appears that no one is lord of the summer. It's just as well, I suppose; I wouldn't want him to leave while still owing his allegiance to an American. We drove him to the airport this morning, and I had to endure the worst song in the world (see previous post), and I confirmed that the opening lines of the chorus are "sung" (and I use the term loosely) 10 times. That is just plain ridiculous. Now, I digress.

Now I'm in the ol' coffee house, the ol' Stomping Grounds, if you will (and I believe I will). My friend and I are embarking on our next photo project to turn us into the new A-bee (not "King Bee"). It's not going as well as I had hoped, because I can't download a program to allow me to remotely take pictures with a digicam. Sigh, perhaps I can find it another day. Our stopgap solution will hopefully be more than the 10 year old boy with his finger in the dike (double entendre city there, but we know that a boy would never do such a thing). Moving on...

Back to the original paragraph -- we celebrated the departure of our dear Führer with an extreme party. Hobo meatballs were present, in all of their hobo glory, and the same friend found at Someday Bum made some salad and some strange toasty things that I think involved pine nuts and cheese, although I can't be sure. It was delicious. We ended up playing "Mao" (which has nothing to do with impersonating the Chinese leader) until 3am, at which point I freaked out because the rules were not real anymore. And that was that.

I've read about "Kissing Jessica Stein," and now I want to see it. If you have seen it and you know whether or not it is worthy of my undivided attention, please let me know.

Roquefort cheese, cream cheese, butter, parsley, walnuts.
i think i've seen most of kissing jessica stein. it is worthy of your undivided attention.

The rules for Mau (out of some reason I think it should be spelled like this) were certainly real, only the grand master of the rule was not longer capable of enforcing the rule with sufficient mind power... it was a good rule.

German Idiot
I wasn't sure which song you were refering to at first, but the video is on TV right now. . . and I HATE THAT FUCKING SONG!

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