Friday, July 29, 2005

Why Austria Sucks

fanny by the gaslight

Once again, I'll treat you all to a hip-happenin', rip-roarin' update from the ol' coffee house in the lovely city of Nowheresville, Indiana Iowa.

Yesterday, after getting about five hours of sleep and being extremely hungover, I helped my German friend (Sieg Heil) move out of his apartment. We only had a truck for four hours -- we got done in 1. I was very pleased. He will be living with me for the next 11 days, where we will engage such topics as "Why Austria Sucks," "Why The Metric System Owns You," and "Why France Sucks."

My apartment has been rearranged such that I can now seat 7 people comfortably. Naturally, this means I will soon invite 6 women over, and we will have a "who can refrain from making out with me the longest" contest. This contest will likely continue until Jesus, the Risen Christ, returns -- for the third time.

As far as music news is concerned, there's nothing terribly new/interesting out on the market, and it's been that way for a few weeks now. However, I have recently acquired an album by an indie band called "Of Montreal." What I've heard "of" them was good, and I plan on listening to this album in its entirety later. I will let you know what I think "of" them.

Scarlett Johansson has become a woman. I noticed this a couple of nights ago, as I sat in the theater watching "The Island," which was not too bad as far as summer action flicks are concerned. I strongly suggest that everyone see it, if for no other reason than to watch Enid's friend Rebecca and Obi-King Wasabi prance around on the screen for 136 minutes. Ahh, there is nothing like watching beautiful people do things.

Finally, I leave you with a few fun facts about Jet Li, the results of a debate/discussion last night after seeing "Unleashed" for the 2nd time:

1. His real name is not Jet Li.
2. He is currently married, for the second time. He has 3 children.
3. As such, he is not celibate.
4. He was born in 1963.
5. "Danny the Dog" is the "real" name of the movie "Unleashed." (A lot of quotation marks, no?)

And now, I apologize. This entry was neither hip-happenin' nor rip-roarin'. I'll make up for it later, but I have to go use the facilities now.

"Vile France: Fear, Duplicity, Cowardice, and Cheese." I forget who it's by but the first 50 pages are entertaining at least...
Maybe we'll read that book and discuss it.
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