Monday, July 25, 2005

The boys are back in town

stop (in the name of love)

After a much needed "vacation," I'm back in town, and I'm ready to roll. First, we have a few observations:

1. Thin Lizzy sucks.
2. Pizza Hut is rather expensive.
3. I smoke too much.
4. The road to "Dyersville" is stained red, likely with the blood of many a curious traveler.

Everyone needs to see "The Devil's Rejects." Rob Zombie's filmmaking abilities have improved by leaps and bounds since "House of 1000 Corpses." If you like horror movies at all, and know how to appreciate a good B movie, then you will love this. And, as always, if you hate it, you're probably wrong and shouldn't voice your opinion anyways.

I've added a link to the list on the right, this time for something lame called "Photos by a Someday Bum." He's the major failure that I've been watching take photos, and where all of my photos have been coming from. However, since he has his own website now, I probably won't get anything except the rejects. If you want to see the photography project we were working on before, it is now complete, and you can find it here. Check out the rest of his photos too. They're all so wonderfully disappointing.

Now I'm off to go buy some frames to do something really cool with some vinyl that I've been collecting over the years.

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