Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rap artists give "shout-outs" to various locations.

My 1337 setup is complete, and I know have my laptop running in the same room as my main machine, and I am using it to create shitty remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs. You see, they are now releasing all their singles in a different way than every other band is. It's kind of cool, but I suck at remixing things, so if I create something listenable, I'll post it here.

So, my golden (meaning 23rd) birthday has come and went, and I got a lot of stuff. I'm still waiting on a package from my sister and her husband, but that's because UPS sucks and they only try to deliver my package when I'm not home. If you want to see pictures of me drunkenly breaking balls on my birthday, go here, here, and here. I hope that MEARTBORKX doesn't destroy me for using a lot of bandwith/space, etc.

It's kind of depressing to realize that now I have no reason to look forward to my birthday ever again, since all of the "special" ones have passed. However, depression and I don't get along, so I'm going to look forward to them anyway, just so I can see the looks on your faces.

My new "get in shape fast to impress the women" plan is going pretty well. Last week got messed up because of my birthday and an excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, but I've taken like a half inch off of my waist and lost 5 real pounds in about 3 weeks. Considering that I'm also building up muscle mass (you can see the entry about meatheads for some WACKY stories about the gym), that's pretty good progress.

I saw a [personalized] license plate outside the admissions office today that said IADMITM. Once you figure that out, you'll realize it's the worst thing in the world, and you'll probably do what I did, which was crash my car into the nearest tree.

I am listening to Weezer for some reason, so feel free to shoot me in the left thigh.

The title of this post comes from here. I'll update more frequently from now on, I promise.

The above links actually work now.

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