Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gap: whatever/shirts?

Target would be just fine

So, last night I was walking back from a friend's apartment after enjoying some delicious beer and I found something on the ground. Something astounding, something amazing, something just out of my mind.

I found the summer budget of someone who I can only assume is a sorority girl.

Something like this is a rare find. Let's take a moment to examine exactly what is going on here. On the first line, we notice that she needs to buy "suit/shoes" from a place called "Dillards." (Of course, being the astute person I am, I totally thought it said "Billiards," so I assumed she must play pool professionally or something. Looking more closely, I can definitely attest to the fact that it is "Dillards.")

A few lines down, we find out that she plans to purchase her ideas from what is only described as "Furniture Store." Below that, we uncover her frontrunners for her summer career as eye candy, where we learn that "Target would be just fine."

However, at the top of her list, we know that she really wants to work for ISU, and she should call "Cjidem's contact." If you can figure out what nationality that name is, please tell me.

Then we come upon what I believe to be the most disturbing aspect of her budget. She plans on spending 1000 dollars in the month of August on clothes. Now, she better be some fashion star with extreme style that blows my gourd or I'm going to freak out.

In other news, The White Stripes are the biggest tease in the history of the world. Their lead single is pretty rockin' awesome, but the rest of the album leaves me wanting. Damn.

You're forgetting the best part. Nothing like going through an intensive finance analysis with the intension of coming out at negative $550.
That's just the mindset of the sorority girl.

"No matter how much money I spend, mommy and daddy will back me up."

Or so I assume.
ah but the videos- damn. nothing like a white stripes video to make you glad you're not on drugs. or glad you are on drugs. either way... rarrrrr...
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