Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blinking lights and other revelations

So I won again at cards last night, which was in the amount of 30 dollars. This puts me at roughly plus 150 dollars on the year, so I'm sitting pretty. Now I just need a way to save my money instead of spending on food, cigarettes, and CDs.

Something strange happened to me yesterday. I was driving around normally, minding my own business on a beautiful sunny day on one of those thin roads where people are still allowed to park on the side of the road for some reason. Anyways, another car is coming towards me, and flashes his lights at me, which I think is telling me to move over, but I already was over, and there weren't any cars parked there at the time. I ignored him.

Then, I was driving down "Main" street (which is Ames' poor excuse for a downtown area), and the same thing happened. I was baffled. This street has yellow dividing lines, I definitely was not in his lane. I can only assume that my wheels are falling off or that I was asleep or something.

So, that story sucked terribly (or wonderfully, whichever one fully expresses the suckiness of it). I'll come up with something better later in the week. As for now, I need to go to my office and blah, blah, blah, and etc.

Oh, and I just realized that this site doesn't really render properly in Internet Explorer. So, if you're using that still, you fail. Furthermore, these fonts look like garbage on any computer not using anti-aliasing for the fonts. I don't know if windows has that, so if you are using that, you fail again.


man...poor buick. did i tell you my plan to name the nissan "the second bass mobile?" as in the buick being the first bass mobile. it's a nice play on words, i think.


If i have to sign this...yeah
It's the "second base mobile," like where you can take chicks to get to second base with them.

But I know what you're talking about with "bass mobiles."
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